Live Stream Link for Sunday Morning

This link will take you directly to the Live Stream on Sunday Mornings.

FBC Facebook

This link will take you to our FBC Facebook Page. Friend/follow First Baptist to connect with us online.

First Baptist Dubuque YouTube

This link will take you to our new YouTube Channel for First Baptist Church. This channel features the most recent activities at our church. Subscribe to receive the weekly sermons and other fellowship updates. 


This link will take you to our FBC YouTube channel designed especially for children. This channel features videos, children's activities, worship dance, skits, and other learning activities that are designed to enhance the child's spiritual development. We invite you to subscribe and join us as we worship our Lord and Savior. 


This link will take you to our former First Baptist Church YouTube Channel. We have a variety of postings of past sermons and events on this channel.

Multicultural Family Center

This link will take you to Dubuque's Multicultural Family Center. The Multicultural Family Center empowers all families and community members of Dubuque to reach their potential and build unity through diversity, equity, and inclusion. Visit their site to become more engaged in local activities.