Sunday, November 12

Hi Church!
I wonder what will be the tipping point for the Church in America? How many more people will have to die from gun violence in the pews? I understand that this perpetrator had some defined mental illness, but is that an excuse to leave things the way they are? Anyone who decides to take revenge with a gun has a mental illness.
For years the Church has looked the other way when it comes to civil rights. It’s excuse was that the Church was not into politics, but spirituality. As if the two could somehow be separated. But then came the Moral Majority which put abortion on the number one burner. Suddenly spirituality and politics did mix.
So how long will we need to wait? How many people will need to die before Christian gun owners demand that the NRA sit down and become part of the solution to seek ways to change the course of gun violence in our country. The last thing we need is for everyone to be packing. Yes, there are responsible gun owners out there. But many more are not responsible.
In my estimation being “Pro Life” is more, much more than being against abortion. It embraces a plethora of things that are to broad too address in this week’s letter.
Sin is rampant. The Gospel must be shared and discussed and enacted in people’s lives. Pray begins this cycle, but it doesn’t end it. God in Jesus Christ calls us to action.
This week’s text is Matthew 25:1-13. It tells us to keep awake! It warns us to keep watch! Don’t go to sleep waiting on Jesus. Be responsible.
Rev. Timothy Bees
First Baptist Church Of Dubuque

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